Mainly because we can. Also because we haven't seen a good college film in a LONG time. Something amusing, and relatively true to life. You either get the sensitive, politically correct college film or the "tits in the shower" moron college movie.

The ideas for this film came from a house at Ithaca College which was so sick people would come by on the weekends to watch the inhabitants, much as you would go to the zoo and look in the monkey cage. What is most amazing is that anyone lived through the experiences.

This film flys-in-the-face of the "sensitive" college film.

The "sensitive" type film is like that uniquely horrible "WITH HONORS" piece of crap. Personally, we could all barely watch it on cable - so here's what it apparently seemed to be about. These Harvard students live in a nice dorm and see this bum around, so they decide to help him. They fight about whether they're willing to take this guy into their dorm room(s) and examine their personal morality in the process (how profound). They never realized how stuck up they were until the bum made them see it! (By the way, the self realization moment is the best known cliche of the sensitive film). They take the bum in and lo, and behold, the the bum is much smarter than they are. The bum then proceeds to show how prejudiced they all are (and us too of course, remember we're being educated). And the guilt is free flowing amongst the students.

It's nauseating.

The other type, the "tits in the shower" moron college movie, is generally just bad filmmaking. It seems these scripts get written by oversexed fifty year old Hollywood losers. Our guess is that in their sad old age they're fantasizing about how they would've liked to bone every hot sorority girl on campus. Meanwhile they're reduced to making a movie about peeping into girls' showers. Unfortunately, these old guys fail to realize that if you want to see naked women nowadays you can rent a porno or go to a strip club. Why would a guy want to waste his time with this soft core crap? Maybe this formula probably worked back before VCR's when the only option you had was to go to a smelly old porno theater with guys in trench coats. But it doesn't work now, which is why these films fail like crazy.

Anyway, our film is a compiltion of what we've seen go on in college and we push the envelope as well. It's about a group that lives in its own demented little world.

Finally, the main reason for making the film is to make something current and sick and accurate to what goes on in college with normal college types. It tells some tales we've lived through and heard about and should be enetertaining to watch.