We're putting the photo's in slowly. (because we're slow...)


Executive Producer
Vaughn M. Dunn

You probably will never see a photo here unless we make alot of money.
He is too responsible and respected a human being to be identified with the likes of us!

John J. (for "Just gotta get the shots") Hussa
The mastermind behind all the Insanity. Eternally optimistic - to a fault.

With three hurricanes bearing down on us Director Hussar never fails to put
a positive spin on the situation. After 21 hours of non-stop shooting in muck ,
he will smile and say "See, it's really not so bad."

Holly Faison

Ah, the mystery! Who is this woman? And why is she protecting her identity?

Holly has a special, personal motto. Needless to say, it is scary.
She is also Scottish in origin. Another thing to be afraid of.

Director of Photography
David Park

We like David, but we really dislike everyone who sat with him on the "Dolly of Doom."

Frank Stubblefield

An amazing gaffer and human being... but don't piss him off. Really.

Production Manager
Peter "Moshe" Wasserman

The best location thief in the buisness. And he speaks French,
very handy when trying to dupe the local authorities.

#1 BEFORE ************ #2 AFTER

PICTURE ONE shows Hakim before dealing with "The Dolly of Doom"
PICTURE TWO shows the toxic after-effects of Vegans!

Assistant Director
Hakim Quest

Hakim "Bill" Quest put up with so much shit from
the "Dolly of Doom" he deserves a medal!

Sound Operator
Fred Edwards

An excellent Sound Man. Pleasant. Responsible. Human.
And he hasn't hounded us for money. Fred is great.

(again, we have no current photo's - in this shot he's 21 years old)
Scott V. Smith
Associate Producer

Was lying asleep at two a.m. at the "Farmhouse" when a stray dog came through the
front door (which was accidentally left open) and began licking his feet. He thought
it was a wild boar so he lay there very, very still. The dog eventually left.
Scott has been emotionally damaged for life. E-MAIL HIM! Torture him!

Art Director
Michele Ferraiolo

Abused by the D.P. Endlessly harassed by people screaming "Michele!!" all day long.

Did we mention all the sex she had?

Suzanna Schmidt
Script Supervision
Suzanna was tireless in battling over continuity problems with the lazy,
useless "Dolly of Doom." Another person who should get a medal.

Costume Designer
Brenna McCarthy

Handled the responsibility incredibly well. Carried bags of clothes all over creation!
She also writes a hell of a "Thank you " note!