The Things College Freshmen Don’t Know They Need!

You don't need to be a freshman to need this stuff, we are compiling truly important items! Certainly more important than any worthless textbook!


1.Superglue: This comes in handy all the time. Here’s a little tip- if you have cement walls, you can use pennies and superglue to hang tapestries.

2.Febreez: This stuff takes the smell out of anything. Now all those quarters mom gave you can go to making you a better pool player.

3.Odor neutralizing air spray (ie. Ozium): Great for the dorm, this will keep the RA from pounding on your door too often. Ozium is also especially good for use in the car, especially when being pulled over by cops and the inside of your car smell like a Jamaicain hash factory.

4.A towel you hate: People will spill all manner of foul and disgusting crap on your &Mac223;oor, and it also comes in handy for blocking up the crack under the door.

5.An ashtray: Even if you don’t smoke, you WILL have people partying in your room who do, and if you don’t have an ashtray, they’ll ash in your beer, and you WILL end up drinking a beer with a butt in it. Spend the $1.65 for an ashtray, cheap-ass.

6.All the shit they tell you not to bring: Coffee maker, microwave, hotplate, etc. The food at college sucks. Anything to ease your pain is good.

7.Cards: Almost all drinking games need cards. So do you.

8.A hockey bag: This is the best way to sneak booze into the dorm in any quantity.

9.Power drill / power screwdriver: This won’t come in handy that often, but when you need it, no one will have one.

10.Dice: These are also good for drinking. If your dorm has a ping pong table or if you can get a large piece of plywood, it’s time for beer die.