This month, we feature an industrial techno artist that makes us guffaw aloud almost every time we hear his music. He is none other than KOMPRESSOR IN ACTION.

We aren't really sure if we're laughing with or at KOMPRESSOR, but we think that he's kidding. If he is kidding, he's totally brilliant. His raw German industrial music has themes and morals that Mother Goose would be proud of. Amidst the thumping beat he grunts out "Do yourself a favor- never talk to strangers." He points out in another song that you should "Brush your teeth before you go to school, or will friends will say your breath smell like stool."
Between the fractured english, strange lyrics and driving beat, this is truly music to murder by. Find him here: KOMPRESSOR IN ACTION

This leads us to an important point: If you're willing to take the time to sort through all the music they have, you can find some good stuff. HOWEVER, there is a lot of REALLY SHITTY music out there. What's wrong with some of these people?

If you want to see our ShitBand of the Month, be forewarned: This music is bad enough to make us want to choke on our own vomit. Thrashbag is really horrible.