New links and information for the software you need to
bypass Napster and get to the pirate OpenNAP servers!!!

(and all OpenNAP variants)
and why you should feel completely justified
downloading anything and everything you want!

ON this page are the links to the software you need to get to the new OpenNAP and alternate Gnutella sites. You will not be stopped by Music Industry Lawyers!


The people in the music industry hate you. Let us emphasize that point. They couldn't care less if you died a horribly bloody death. For them you serve only one purpose. That is to take the money out of your pockets in any way possible. We can say this for certain because we know these people personally (even though we dislike them). They have said it countless times at parties and in meetings. They think you are stupid, which is why they push horrid bands at you that suck. They figure if they can just play the same music 'at you' (via MTV and the radio) endless times you will, like a robot, pull out your money and give it to them - which, sadly, most of you do.

Well, that doesn't have to happen anymore. Thanks to Napster and the MP3 format you no longer have to pay money for the privelage of being brainwashed! You can just get the music you want for free. Our hope is that the music industry loses money, and with it, the incentive to brainwash you. Perhaps they will learn to appeal to the audience differently by making you actually like a band enough to shell out the cash for their music. Or at the very least make it so you can cheaply get one song at a time without all the filler songs on the cd's that usually bite monkey testicles!


1. Record companies overcharge you for CD's - a mass produced CD costs between 10¢ to 25¢ to manufacture. That's it. You end up paying between $12.00 to $17.00 for that. That is simply highway robbery. You have probably already bought at least 10 CD's at rip-off, inflated prices, therefore you are owed at least 100 free songs (equation: 1 paid for CD = 10 guilt free song downloads for you)! Remember: The music companies are the criminals here- NOT YOU!

2. Record companies have only a few bands that they push, and all the bands sound the same. A new band with interesting music has absolutely no chance of getting a record contract. That is because it is easier for the music companies to sell the same style of music over and over. Because they have a choke hold on what is played you get absolutely no choice except for those few dull, same-sounding performers they allow you to hear.

3. The people making the choice for you are jerks who spend most of their day laughing about what suckers you are. Now you can have the last laugh!

4. The music industry needs to being completely shaken up. You are doing a huge service to humanity by using Napster, OpenNap clones, Gnutella, and MP3!


Well Napster just got screwed by the music industry's asshole lawyers, so there is a minor problem. Fortunately the 'cat is out of the bag' on this whole thing and there is no stopping people from downloading music, no matter what the dopes in the TV and news media say. Hackers have adjusted most of the programs so they look out to alternate servers all over world that have music available!

We just cut and pasted the descriptions, as we try them out, or you give us feedback, we will add a reviews section on this.


MP3 Rage - MP3 Rage is the definitive collection of tools for MP3 enthusiasts. You can search for and download thousands of MP3's from the Internet using the Napster(tm) music sharing system, edit ID3 tags, export MP3 files to AIFF format for burning CD's, play MP3 files, catalog, organize, rename, find, and change thousands of MP3 files and their ID3 tags quickly and painlessly. It does all this with a clean, powerful, and easy-to-use interface. The main power with this program is the 'alternate servers' list. This will find alternate 'OpenNap' servers not run by Napster. Note: this one has a shareware cost so beware!

Macigator! - So what the heck is Macigator? Welp, Macigator is a all-in-one music program. It allows you to track public OpenNap servers as well as connect to them with just one click. You can view the BillBoard Hot 200, and search for any artist on that list with just one click. It’s fast, small, and leaves a small foot print in your memory. It also features the top music news for, InfoBeat and more. All in one awesome program.

Scouter - Find files. Find friends. Find your friend's files. Scouter is the way for Mac users to connect to the massive Scour Exchange file-sharing community!

Mactella - A Gnutella client written for Mac!An alternate to Napster and open Nap servers. Shares all sorts of stuff with other users including MP3's. A great alternate in the new struggle against music industry dicks!


Audiogalaxy Satellite - Audiogalaxy is a free mp3 peer to peer program. It has some cool functions that we like: It resumes downloading interrupted files; it will put files in the queue that aren't currently available, and once someone comes on line that has that file, it will start downloading; it doesn't tax your style- it doesn't decrease the performance of your machine, and it automatically looks for the fastest connection to download from. This is a good tool.

FreeNet - This is a good network for the more nerdy among us. It invloves a pretty complex setup and install, but does more than just mp3s. This is a peer to peer version of the web, with no centralized authority and information scattered far and wide. If you can figure out how to work it, you can reap the benefits of technological anarchy. Mmmm... piracy...

Gnutella - Gnutella is a network that is designed to make p2p (peer to peer) file sharing easy and free. There are many programs that utilize the gnutella network. This is kind of like how there are different browsers that all use the web as their network. Below are a few Gnutella clients.

BearShare - This is a Gnutella client that has many cool features and is fairly popular. It can share files of any type, share from multiple directories and it has cool utilities to help you track what people have requested off of your computer. Not very necessary utilities, but cool.

LimeWire - LimeWire is a multi-platform Gnutella client with nice features like auto-connect, browse host, multiple search, upload throttling, connection quality control, library management and sophisticated filtering. More functions=easier theft. Easier theft=happier derelicts.

Napigator - Napigator is your free navigator to nap servers. It is your exclusive guide to helping you find almost all the Internet audio online you want. Napigator works side-by-side with your favorite Windows nap client, giving you an up to date status of all nap servers on various networks, including the new and openly free Opennap Network and popular Napster Network. Napigator lets you see real-time server statistics and ping times. Allowing you to make the decision of which server you connect to based upon the number of users, files, gigabytes, and network lag.

MP3 Album Finder - MP3 Finder finds full albums of MP3 files on the internet. More specifically, it lets you search for full albums of MP3 files (and single files too) on FTP servers. Unlike other MP3 searchers, MP3 Album Finder will download albums and single files on No Ratio less for you. MP3 Album Finder resumes downloads if it loses its connection, retries when sites are busy, and tells you all the information you need to know, just like the other top downloaders.

Aimster - An alternate to Napster and open Nap servers. Shares all sorts of stuff with other users including MP3's. A great alternate in the new struggle against music industry dicks!

The best thing to get is a CD burner. It's nice to be able to actually play the music in your car or on a decent stereo. The way to do this is simple. Just go to your favorite MAC/PC Store or catalog and buy a burner. It is important to note that straight CD-R ((write once) burners work better that CD-RW (re-writeable) burners for making discs, and CD-R burners are also cheaper than CD-RW burners. So are the blank discs for that matter! Just remember, we told you what works better (simple CD-R Burners)!

Personally not a bad way to go, the units are relatively cheap and allow quick access, but the CD's are nice because they can be played in a high end system more easily! You can find these in most electronics Superstores and from catalogs like Crutchfield and J&R Music world.

On the horizon...
PThey are starting to make car CD players that play the MP3 format, so instead of 12 songs per CD you can have 100 songs (or more depending on the compression used) per CD. We love this. And MP3 is releasing an even better Compression format called MP3 Pro which will make the music sound even better (if that is possible) and is backwards compatible with all the old songs.

It should be obvious what our opinion is on MP3/Napster question. We just want to say it again. The Music Companies are the most obnoxious, sick, meanspirited, criminal groups in the world. They are a true source of toxic evil. There is nothing you are doing that comes close to the crimes they have perpetrated on musicians and music in general. They control your access to good music and then make you pay through the nose for the crap they put out there. Screw them, and please - feel great about yourself. The guilt they are trying to put out is just another one of their marketing tactics to brainwash you. Ignore them and all their scumbag lawyers- just keep downloading (Lars can cry alone in his mansion)! You are doing all of humanity a giant favor!