The Document Which Used To Be Called
The MIT Lockpicking

This was snagged by a new member of the Staff known as "Cal." Where he found it doesn't matter. Just remember this is just something we found which is only intended for professional locksmiths, This site is only linking to this document for educational purposes. Thank you.

MIT Guide to Lock Picking

Ted the Tool
February 14, 1992


Copyright 1987, 1991 Theodore T. Tool. All right reserved.

Permission to reproduce this document on a non-profit basis is granted provided that this copyright and distribution notice is included in full. The information in this booklet is provided for educational purposes only.

August 1991 revision.


1 It's Easy
2 How a Key Opens a Lock
3 The Flatland Model
4 Basic Picking The Binding Defect
5 The Pin Column Model
6 Basic Scrubbing
7 Advanced Lock Picking
7.1 Mechanical Skills
7.2 Zen and the Art of Lock Picking
7.3 Analytic Thinking
8 Exercises
8.1 Exercise 1: Bouncing the pick
8.2 Exercise 2: Picking Pressure
8.3 Exercise 3: Picking Torque
8.4 Exercise 4: Identifying Set Pins
8.5 Exercise 5: Projections
9 Recognizing and Exploiting Personality Traits
9.1 Which Way To Turn
9.2 How Far to Turn
9.3 Gravity
9.4 Pins Not Setting
9.5 Elastic Deformation
9.6 Loose Plug
9.7 Pin Diameter
9.8 Beveled Holes and Rounded pins
9.9 Mushroom Driver Pins
9.10 Which Way To Turn
9.11 Which Way To Turn
9.12 Which Way To Turn
9.13 Disk Tumblers
10 Final Remarks
A Tools
A.1 Pick Shapes
A.2 Street cleaner bristles
A.3 Bicycle spokes
A.4 Brick Strap
B Legal Issues

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