ID- Good for SO many uses...

Here's a hypothetical situation- You're in a foreign country and the youth hostel that you're staying requires that you leave some ID at the front desk as insurance (some places really do this). What are you going to do? Are you going to leave your REAL ID (passport, drivers license, etc.) with some sketchy hostel guy while you're in the middle of God-Knows-Where? We wouldn't want to be in the middle of Kerzblekisztan with no ID.

SOLUTION- Give them a reasonable facsimile of your license or passport.

For the making of the movie, we had a scene (cut from the final edit) where the guys had to present a bouncer with their fakes. For this, we had to make some prop IDs. What follows are some links that will tell you how we did this, in case you need to make pretend ID cards for any of the above LEGAL resons. Of course, if you falsify info on yours and use it for something illegal, we are not responsible.

Some good links:

This page has some good info on ID sites out there. It talks about which ones are good, and which are scams.
This is a good supply store for ID making materials. There's some info and you can order online.
This might be linked to from one of the other pages that we have above, but there's some OK stuff here, too.
Good source for prop IDs, if you need them.
This site has a lot of UK and international IDs that you can buy.

Well, that's about it, kiddos. You're on your own now.