We all know that fast food is bad for you...

but who really cares about saturated fat? Here are a few solid examples of why you might want to abstain from that happy meal.

#1- Taco Bell weight loss program!!

Now, if anyone can explain the legal difference between gagging, retching and vomiting, we'd really like to know. Vomit@RetchGag.puke

#2- But can it swim?

Moral of the story: Drink sprite or 7 Up- that way you can spot the mammals hiding in the bottom.

#3- Yet another reason for white people to avoid Jack in the Box

#4- Mmm... crunchy...


Should've stuck with Duncan Donuts.

You've been warned. Next time you go out for a quick bite, you might want to examine your food pretty carefully, just to insure that you aren't getting a little extra something in with your Chalupa.