Cheaters never prosper...

But it's still better than failing.

So it's 2AM the night before the final that you have at 10:00AM, and you just realized that you didn't study... or go to class... or do the reading... or the homework. Maybe you're screwed, but just to give you a fighting chance, we're offering some easy, quick and useful cheats. Why? Because we like you. More accurately, we hate the idea of exams.

Cheating ideas. When desperate you may have to turn to cheating - we did. IMPORTANT - if you get caught they will more than likely boot your ass out of school. We aren't responsible for that. Remember:

A. Don't get caught.
B. Don't blame us.


We'll break these down into a few different types.

Papers, reports, essays (stuff you do at home in your room).

1. The best sources for this are Cliff notes and those encyclopedia CD-ROMS.

For mid-terms, Finals and the evil "pop-quiz."
It's test time and you don't know shit and you really don't want a bad grade. What to do now?
It's time for some clever cheats!

THE MAGIC LABELS! Everyday items you can bring to the test, that have tiny type on them, perfect for filling in that knowledge that you never, ever, came close to learning!

One of our personal faves is taking an everyday product and re-doing the label so that you can have your notes right there with you.

The Gum Package.

This is the wrapper for a 15 pack of Care-Free. See all the nice happy places where you could write information? Here is the link to the full size scan, cleaned up and ready to be filled in! CAREFREE GUM PACK TEMPLATE. Good luck, and remember, we are not promoting cheating. We are promoting a movie. And if you take time to see the movie, you may not have time to study. We only want to make sure that you are not penalized for it!


1. Write on hands, in between fingers. (well known, but it often works)

2. Write answers on an index card attached to a rubber band that runs up you sleeve. When the Instructor or Proctor gets suspicious, let go and the crib sheet slides up your sleeve and out of sight. This can be tricky but provides an almost infallible way not to get caught.

3. Come in at Night and write on you desk before the test. Make sure you get this desk! This is effective if the desks in the room are already graffitied (most are).

4. Write on those Wooden Octagon Pencils with a nail or something sharp. Write down the side so when you hold the pencil you can actually read it while you write. It makes it hard for teachers to read, because you have to be in the right light. This is easily accomplished by turning the pencil from side to side in your hand. It works great and depending on how small you can scratch in the answers, you can hold a lot of info on these puppies.

5. Gum Wrapper (for additional space for the method above, or if you are to lazy to make full wrapper).
a. Get a pack of gum, Wrigleys, etc.
b. Open up a piece.
c. Write cheat notes inside the wrapper.
d. Refold the gum.
e. During test, eat a piece of gum
f. Nonchalantly look at inside of wrapper.


>Since we are attached to the Internet, we can assume every one of us has
>access to a computer, a word processor, and a printer. While I
>recommend a laser or high quality ink jet, even a dot matrix will do in
>a pinch. Now I know that most of us are to lazy to do this, but to make
>really killer cheat sheets, just use your word processor to type out
>your definitions, pictures, whatever. Then, when you are all done,
>shrink the entire document down to 4 point (about the smallest you can
>still read without a magnifying glass) set the margins to make a sheet
>small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I once put entire 5 page
>essay on crib sheet for a college History exam. Got a perfect grade.
>Recommend you experiment ahead of time to find that perfect size. Got
>too much information for one small page. Fold it OR make separate
>sheets, separated by subject, and stash them in your pockets, etc.
>These tiny sheets are great in that they may be eaten (been there done
>that) if the prof gets too close or becomes suspicious. If you think
>these don't work then how do you explain my 3.95+ GPA in my junior year
>of college.

*** You now owe us now. Remember that! ***


Here are FIVE new free papers given to us by Max Pfannebecker. All are A level !

What do you owe us? You must tell five new people about the site so this becomes a giant, demented, out of control snowball that crushes other sad pathetic (and dull) websites!



For educational purposes.

Paper Title Class Grade
Economic Development in ECON 337 85%

Keaton, Director
FILM 3051 81%

Critiquing Churchland
PHIL 3211 90%

Critiquing Bradley
PHIL 3211 90%

Blacks, Prison, and
BLST 2200 87%
Institutional Racism

Revealing Marx
PSCI 4004 92%

Time for Reform?
PSCI 4011 98%
Considering the Failures
of the Electoral College

The Just War Doctrine
PSC 421 82%
and the Gulf Conflict

Jean Paul Sartre and
PHIL 102 100%
The Fundamental Project