NOTE: These are a few of the e-mails forwarded to us from the people in sales. So far a pretty damn good reception! The best part for us is succeeding without having to kiss any studio executive's (shaved) ass! Keep telling your friends about the website and the movie - the more DVD's we sell - the more it pisses off some pretty powerful people in L.A. (they told us "no movie would ever sell that had as many references to LSD and extended tripping scenes!") F-you Hollywood!

(posted exactly as we got them - we deleted last names and email addresses for privacy)


First off thank you for the rush delivery of my
copy. This film was great. I was rollin with
laughter the whole damn movie. That is about it, I
just wanted to thank you again for getting the movie
here as quick as you did.


Hey all, yeh, the movie fucking rules. I was pretty fucked tho, but i
watched it again, and it made sense : )
Really, fucking ace film, stoner hit of the year, Easy : )
The amusing point in it, is it's truth.
Well, im off to roll another 5 skin, and watch it again.
Chill y'all. : )


To: "''" <>
Subject: RE: Blur Order Shipped

The movie arrived. I just watched it. It was worth every penny.


Thank you!!! The movie was great!!! Especially the
trippin scenes!!!!! It's been five long years, and it
was worth it.



Well, I just watched the movie for the first time the other day. I, of course, had a little pre-movie activity to make things more interesting. It was funny as hell. Some of the best parts were driving in a figure 8 in your back yard with that giant redneck mobile, then immediately switching over to a shot of the old school race car game in the shape of a figure 8. Also, the scene when everyone was piled in the truck late at night falling asleep to be awoken by the driver plowing over all the mailboxes on the street was pretty good. And another good one was the bottle rocket war to the soothing sounds of Speed by ATR. Very good choice in music for that scene. The effects in the begining and end were good too. I'd say nice job over all, but what's with the end? Is there a sequil in your future or is the frustration of making movies a one time thing for you guys?


Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 18:10:16 +0000
Subject: Re: Blur fucking kick ass!
i got my blur shirt, already puked on it from drinking way to much, pictures of
my passed out ass came out great... look forward to smoking a bowl and watching
the movie with some slut that i find... fun for the whole family!


They had a fire cracker fight, we were drunk on the roof of our house and shooting roman candles at the neighbours' houses.

They had a fasciniation with knives and darts, we used to throw darts and knives at each other (just to scare people).

They lit fires, we burned everything, including the time we poured lighter fluid into a plastic penguin lawn ornament and blew the shit out of it.

Will you scare Canadians? Well you might scare my Mom but, as a 21 year old, pot smoking, heavy drinking, shot-gun owning Canadian, it speaks directly to my dark side.
Thanks for a cool film


I just have to say thank you. Both my boyfriend and I got laid off today, but finally getting "Blur of Insanity" in the mail cheered us up. I've been telling him about the movie since I saw it in Somerville. We ripped open the package, put the poster on wall wall, and sat back. Just as amazing as I remember and he loved it as well. The trip scenes concentration on not just visual but actual mindset and speech are brilliant ; only now I wish we had money for pot and acid, or at least a ride to the coast to pick shrooms.
Thanks again :)


just got the DVD today. Watched it already and I loved it. Great film. I hope there's a sequel. Thanks.


First off. Thanks for the T-shirt. Although I could never in my wildest dreams fit my huge blob like exterior into a "large" size anything, I still love it. I have the shirt hanging up on my wall right now (on a coat hanger) and I have to say it looks darn snappy. Many people who see the weird text on the back ask me what's it all about, and I tell them all the same thing:
"Yeah baby, that's a little souvenir from when I helped with the sound mixing in a little independent film called...." You get the picture. It really impresses the chicks....or at least in theory, I assume it would.

By the way, I am telling people that I helped make the picture. Don't worry, I am only telling dames I want to sleep with, not any one else. I hope this is cool.

Next, let me tell you how much I loved your film. Now, I could go on and on about all the many things I loved about your work, but instead I think that instead I will let a reworked page from my script "Mad Ghetto Kung Fu" (a work in progress) do the talking for me....

INT HOUSE: A lone gure sits at his computer. In the background, we see an
autographed copy of “The Blur of Insanity” A second female
human form can be seen sitting on a large arm chair.
Man: I got my copy of the video today, and I love it!
Woman: You love that video more than you love me!
Man: Damn straight!
Woman: I’m leaving you!
Man: And the bad news is?
EXT: Lone man watching a car disappear over the horizon in a cloud of dust.
The sun can be sun lowering over the coast.
Man: Was I wrong to choose a movie over human companionship? ………..nah!
God: Loser.
Man: Whoa? Who said that?
INT: House. A living room, knee deep in lth. A small human head can be
seen poking out of a huge pile of girlie magazine, candy wrappers,
and human waste. The glow of a TV shines upon the man’s face.
Man: How come that car isn’t moving? Their shooting it to hell!
EXT: Dark. Backyard. A large number of ninjas can be seen slowing and
with cat like grace moving every closer to a smashed window that
someone has attempted to repair using a Taco Bell wrapper and scotch
Man: Daaaaa. Dada…dddaaaaaaaaaa. Rock!
Just then, the ninjas enter the room. The rst wave to leap through the window
are quickly engulfed by he huge pile of trash. Their mufed voice can still be
heard as the second wave enters through a large hole in the west wall.
Man: And you are?
Ninja Leader: I have come for your soul?
Man: Are you asking me or are you telling me?
Ninja Leader: The former?
Man: OK, A….I don’t think you know the meaning of the word “former” and
B…any respect you might have ever hoped to receive from me just went
out the window!
God: Moron.
Ninja Leader: Who said that?
Man: You heard him to?::Flash forward twenty years::EXT: A bloody battle eld. Many dead bodies lay about the land in varying
levels of mutilation. The ninja leader cradles a human man in his arms.
The man has been cut in half, and someone has written the word
“Ninja Pimp” on his forehead in blood.
Man: Oh shit! I’m dying!
Ninja: Don’t say that! You won’t die!
Man: I am SO dying Earl!
Ninja: Don’t use my real name! Someone might hear!
Man: WHO?!?! That pile of large intestine over there?
Ninja: Touche
Man: The worst part is that I am never gonna be a real ninja!
Ninja: You are a real ninja… here (points to the man’s chest, heart)
The two men share a tender moment. Perhaps, a small hint of a tear might
be seen in their eyes. They embrace.
Music: Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t fear the Reaper” begins to play.EXT: The camera pulls back. The two men become smaller and smaller as the camera rises higher….and higher….into the sky.
::: FADE OUT :::

Well, That's pretty much it. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around how to produce such a great looking film as yours. I figured out recently that making movies is damn expensive. Sigh.

You guys keep making cool movies, and I'll keep watching them.




Great movie, I think the quality was good enough for it to be a box office hit, if only the big name whiney-pants excecutives weren't to scared to do it. Was definitely worth the (LONG) wait. I think I was introduced to the Blur site my first freshman year.

Waiting for The Blur of Insanity 2,